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A Head Start for 2020

New Year’s is the life coaching holiday. It’s a time for cleansing. It’s a time when people try to live their best lives and resolve to do something different in the new year. And to get the most out of the collective boost and spiffy newness, it helps to get a head start. How can you give yourself a head start going into 2020?

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Making Giving Sustainable

One of the most robustly proven ways to build a successful practice as a life coach is the ability to give workshops to small (and sometimes not so small) groups. These workshops, however, take lots of time and energy to set up, deliver, and follow up. There’s no way around the effort needed to hustle. The real question is whether you can make the needed effort sustainable as you start to develop a sustainable client base. How can you make giving sustainable?

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Merry Christmas

On the single biggest day of exchanging gifts, I remember as a kid the sublime excitement of coming down the stairs Christmas morning. The excitement came from the pile of gifts that were waiting for me under the tree. Now as an adult, I feel that same level of excitement, but because I’m eager to see my own little ones delight in opening presents. And as I’m thinking about the shift from excitement from receiving to giving, I’m stuck by the parallel in similar thinking of the most successful life coaches with thriving private practices or organizational programs. What are you most excited to give this holiday season?

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The Season of Miracles

Working as a life coach and life coach trainer for over a decade, I’ve seen incredible transformation happen. People can vastly improve their lives. The change usually isn’t instant, but there’s usually a moment when a choice is made that starts a cascade of other decisions and events. In this seasons of miracles, may you be blessed with the clarity of making a powerful choice and trusting you will hear an answer. What’s the choice life is waiting for you to make?

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Hope and Athletic Performance

[012 Research Review | HOPE series: 3] Both flow and hope have been apparent in high performing athletes since the first Olympic games almost 3,000 years ago. However, Curry et al. (1997) point out that psychology researchers had never explored it because there wasn’t a measurable theory to use. Enter hope theory in the early 1990s. C.L. Snyder and his colleagues proposed a mechanistic definition of hope as a person’s perception of their own agency, or motivation, and their ability to map pathways towards achieving goals. This two pronged theory with specific mechanisms made it possible to design and refine measurement tools for detecting levels of agency levels of agency and pathways relative to certain goals.

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When Agency is a Habit

Habits do not only apply to actions. Certain mental/emotional habits might even be ingrained in us. Especially when it comes to how we view ourselves and what we’re capable of achieving, we fall into regular patterns of thought and feelings. Something powerful happens when you start to look at your self image and beliefs about your capabilities and agency as a habit.

How well is your habit about your own capabilities serving you?

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The PERMA-Profiler

[007 Research Review | PERMA Series: 3] What is well-being, really? Since the 1980s, theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology has flourished. Previously, the field of psychology was closely focused on describing and quantifying mental illness – how to identify, measure, and treat psychological maladies. Not until groundbreaking work such as Csikszentmihalyi (1975) and Ryff (1989) did psychology shift its focus to understanding positive human functioning.

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The Accuracy of Agency

Assessing your agency is a habit. Some people consistently overestimate agency, get in over their heads, and end up overwhelmed. Some underestimate, delay and hesitate, and end up frustrated. Ideally, you’re able to accurately know your abilities as well as the time, energy, and resources available, and plan impeccably, but it’s rare.

What’s your habit in rating your agency?

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