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Healing the World from a Place of Love with Charlotte Lin

May 11, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Join CTEDU Graduate Charlotte Lin and CTEDU Co-Founder John Andrew Williams for a discussion on Charlotte’s story, how she shaped her coaching practice around a cause she was passionate about, and the coaching tools she uses to promote sustainability in her clients and the world as a whole.

About Charlotte:

Charlotte is a lively, warm, and enthusiastic career coach. Charlotte’s love for learning has been fueling her adventures around the world since she was young. Curious and creative, she has worked as an arctic ecologist, a fashion photographer, a corporate language consultant, an academic researcher, a university lecturer, and a design consultant. Assimilating her vast interests and experiences into the dynamic profession of life coaching has made her deeply grateful and ecstatic for life. Having recently finished her ACC training, Charlotte has launched her coaching practice, Green Growth Coaching, that focuses on career, lifestyle and environmental sustainability. She is interested in helping young leaders create a safe and beautiful world to live in so they can do truly meaningful and impactful work. She is also working with educators to nurture more young leaders in the world.

Charlotte truly believes that with the right guidance and mindset, everyone has the power to achieve their dreams. Her mission is to help everyone feel great inside and out, achieve success, and live their best lives. Charlotte wants to help people become creative, joyful, and lifelong learners, who can handle life’s problems calmly and confidently, getting people exactly where they want to go. Her life-long exploration of values, desires, and emotions has given her an inner peace that has brightened her world in so many ways, leading her to her husband Max. Charlotte and her husband now work together as life coaches.

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