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Happy House Day Anniversary

August 01, 2019 by John Andrew Williams

It’s been a year to the day that my family and I moved out of our 5th wheel travel trailer to live in a house after fifteen months on the road. When I reflect on this past year, all the starts and stops with these powerful paragraphs and blog posts, all the growth of Coach Training EDU as a company as well as the lessons learned, and the addition of a new baby to our family and the adjustment that follows, I’m struck by the innate human ability to adapt to and influence circumstances. And now that we’ve settled in this new community and to commemorate Happy House Day, I’m relaunching these daily powerful paragraphs. Four sentences and a question designed to inspire, inform, and share. 

With the the 2019-2020 academic year around the corner, what project is calling out for you to pursue?

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