Graduate Amy Smith - Costa Rican Coaching

February 01, 2018 by John Andrew Williams

Coaching Post-Graduation

Since graduating from CoachTrainEDU in 2017, life has taken on so much meaning. Because of the versatility and freedom that comes with coaching, I was able to the respond to the calling of my heart, and moved my family to the jungle of Costa Rica. It is in Costa Rica that I fully launched my coaching career focusing on the mind, body, spirit health of women. My coaching practice is designed to help women grow authentic and empowered lives by rediscovering their truths and by learning the art of vulnerability through the process of peeling back the layers that often inhibit women from living a fully, abundant life. It’s a most beautiful process of unmasking and discovery. I offer my clients one-on-one coaching sessions, sisterhood group coaching , Whole 30 Workshops, Desire Map Workshops, and the project I’m most excited about, a women’s healing retreat!

Healing Retreat

I have teamed up with fellow CoachTrainEDU graduate, Katie Schomberg, to create The Sacred Space Healing Retreat for Women in Costa Rica April 6th -April 11th , 2018. Katie is an Energy Healer and Wholeness Coach located in North Carolina serving her clients with Soul Sessions, Workshops, and weekly Coffee Talks. Her mission in life is to empower those around her to show up BIG…to be the person they were meant to be all along…to chase their dreams & live their life in such a way that the impact changes the world.

Together, we have designed a most beautiful all-inclusive retreat deep in the rainforest of Costa Rica. We are creating a safe container for women who are ready to dive deeper in to their understanding of self. Women who are ready to release the habits that put a ceiling on their growth. Women who just need to disconnect from the busyness of their every day and pause long enough to hear their inner whispers. Women who are ready for the BIG shifts. Each day we will participate in movement, meditation, coaching circles, journaling exercises, connection, creative expression, and stillness. In addition we have brought on Shamanic Healer, Sophie Hardy, to co-facilitate with us and she will be leading us through ceremonies of cacao and fire.

We are SO excited and SO ready for the women who will take this journey of transformation with us! Limited retreat spots still available!

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