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Do the Crazy Thing

October 18, 2017 by John Andrew Williams

Do the Crazy Thing blog

Throughout the course of building our businesses and growing, I’ve come to recognize, even welcome, the different phases of hustle and flourishing.

The phases range from taking a leap in the dark, the doom and gloom of dealing with setbacks, grinding and working to climb to the next level, and soaring in the midst of a breakthrough.

Looking back on this adventure of downsizing from a four bedroom home in Portland, Oregon to living in a 33-foot 5th wheel, traveling the country, I appreciate the urge the do the crazy thing.

Have you ever had an urge or nudge to do something others, or even yourself think is totally crazy or unconventional?

  • How many times have you felt that urge, then let it drift by?
  • How many times have you jumped in and pursued it with passion?

It’s the crazy leap

It’s the crazy leap that follows the urge to accomplish something big that leads to creating a life you love. The crazy thing that saves you from living stuck in the safety of keeping your dream a dream.

And as two life coaches, we’ve built our lives on walking the talk of taking steps toward living that dream.

Our current dream was embarking with our family on an epic adventure around the united states in a “tiny house” on wheels to teach people about living their dreams and doing their life’s work.

For us, “doing the crazy thing,” and choosing unusual and unconventional paths, had become a common experience over the years of entrepreneurship and parenthood, and so embracing this dream and making it reality was not too difficult.

It still was absolutely nutty and wonderful all wrapped up in one! We had no idea what we were doing, and knew we were going to have to employ major growth mindset as we learned on the go.

It was absolutely NOT all easy or fun, but has been an incredible experience and worth every moment of uncomfortable “learning.” We embarked on May 1st, and took off high tailing it to Denver to speak at the doTERRA Tribe Retreat on May 5th.

We had NO idea how close we were cutting it in terms of time and distance as we chugged our way over the Rockies and into Colorado. We literally had something break or go wrong every single day.




We were able to laugh about it even as we experienced it, but I’m not going to lie, there were a few moments when we wondered what in the world we had got ourselves into!

And that’s the point: if you do what you always did, you’ll get the same results.

Love your life exactly as it is right now?

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Feel the call to the next level? That whisper of adventure and opportunity? Do something different. And you’ll get a different result.

We did the something different, and we’re getting a different result. Some bad. Some good. But it’s something different. The next step is trusting that you’ll be able to churn through the difficult days and nights and will be able to see the way towards your goals and dreams.

I know of no better way to do our life’s work than to take the crazy leap.

What’s yours?

Do Your Life's Work


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