Coaching Tools to Face Anxiety with Amanda Dewey

April 29, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Coaching Tools to Face Anxiety with Amanda Dewey

Join CTEDU Graduate Amanda Dewey and CTEDU Co-Founder John Andrew Williams for a discussion on Amanda’s journey into life coaching, and the coaching tools and skills she leans on when helping clients through anxiety and stress in the modern world.

amanda dewey

About Amanda:

Born and raised in NH now living in the deserts of Las Vegas. Amanda once suffered with stress and anxiety that closed her off from opportunity and blocked all of her potential for growth. Once Amanda was able to face these truths, she learned that her anxiety did not define who she was as a person, and she was able to take back control of her own life.“

I was behind the wheel again, heading right for greatness. It’s your turn now, to take back your life and regain control. Don’t let your inner voice control your reality.”

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Coaching Tools to Face Anxiety (3)

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