A Creator's Journey with Jasmine Raskas - Resiliency Series

April 13, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Join CTEDU Graduate Jasmine Raskas and CTEDU Co-Founder John Andrew Williams as they discuss Jasmine’s journey as an artist and coach, and how to use The Creator’s Journey map to outline the process of transforming ideas into realized outcomes.

Jasmine’s Story: Jasmine is a certified wellness coach from Coach Training EDU and a teaching artist focused on the intersection of art and healing. She established Chaos2order Coaching to facilitate one-on-one coaching and group workshops that emphasize creativity as a key component to holistic wellness. Her mission is to share the power of imagination and self-expression as a tool for self empowerment, freedom and human potential. Jasmine currently serves as co- program director for the St. Louis chapter of the International Coach Federation and graduated from the Teaching Artists Institute with the Regional Arts Commission. She’s currently in the process of using these skills to develop a new type coaching workbook for people who think and learn in pictures.

Jasmine’s personal wellness journey began when faced with life altering complications of Ehlers – Danlos syndrome, Jasmine left medical school in 2015 and began pursuing her passion for discovery in new ways. She turned to the arts to find the strength to persevere through surgeries and setbacks. In addition to art, she stumbled into the benefits of indoor rock climbing and brought the first adaptive climbing training programs to St. Louis. While climbing in a back and neck brace she competed in two Paraclimbing World Championships and was able to break down stigma and stereotypes about living with her condition in the process. As an advocate for invisible illness, she’s been featured on the Invisible But Not Broken podcast and an expert speaker in the 2020 How To Thrive With Chronic Illness and Limited Energy national summit.

Since pursuing the arts, her paintings have been shown across the state of Missouri, including several solo shows, a national print feature, and a mural at UMKC School of Medicine. In addition, Jasmine has been featured by Ladue News, Gesso Magazine, KDHX radio and the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Her work is currently represented by Artisans in the Loop and on display at The Angad Arts Hotel in Grand Center.

In addition to art and personal coaching, Jasmine works as an art facilitator at Artists First STL, a fully inclusive studio that supports the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of disenfranchised individuals through creative expression. Her life mission is to share the value of creative wellness in a way that overcomes what we’ve all lost to efficiency and mechanistic demands and to share the power of living a life driven by passion and purpose with a world in need of belief. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time in nature, creating colorful objects, researching strange things, and meeting new people.

To read more about Jasmine’s story and her art, you can visit her websites.

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