A Better Coach, A Better Me

Make a splashBeginning ALC 2.0 last October, I was a bundle of nerves masked with a confident smile, thinking I was a coach who had everything everything figured out. At first, I was closed off to the process and focused on learning the material more than experiencing the process.

Being in coach training was like being on a rope swing on a beautiful summer day over crystal clear water. For the first couple of weeks, I was just hanging in there, getting rope burn and MISSING OUT. Once I let go, I experienced refreshment as a coach and as a client in multiple areas of my life.

I was challenged. I was pushed. I was THRILLED! I found myself growing in confidence the more I jumped and took risks. My experience was beyond learning new coaching skills and approaches, I learned how to be a better version of myself.

I could have walked away from training with rope burns and a brave face, but instead, I find myself stronger, ready to make my splash in the coaching world. Are you?

2 thoughts on “A Better Coach, A Better Me”

  1. It is interesting that the more coaches step aside of the process, helping shape a coaching experience with the client, them more effective they are. I agree that the same was true for me with my coach training: once I stopped trying to stay in control of my performance as a life coach–live and on the spot–I had more fun, got more out of the program and saw more of an impact on the lives of my peer coaches as well.

    Thank you for sharing Hannah!


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