Savvy Strategies for Your Extraordinary Life with Raj Anderson, PCC

Watch CTEDU Co-Founder and President John Andrew Williams for a live interview and q&a with CTEDU trainer Raj Anderson. Raj has over 20 years experience in people centered services in various capacities, with a robust background in leadership, organizational culture and people development. Her diverse experience includes working with people from all over the world including … Read more Savvy Strategies for Your Extraordinary Life with Raj Anderson, PCC

Exploring the Mind with Peter and Joyce Tran

Tune in to CTEDU Co Founder John Andrew Williams interview with CTEDU Graduates Peter & Joyce Tran. Peter is an autistic, non-verbal life coach, and after going through our program and becoming certified along with his mother Joyce, has continued to awe and inspire each and every one of our community members. Connect with Peter … Read more Exploring the Mind with Peter and Joyce Tran

Factors Contributing to Positive Career Decisions

[019 Research Review | SCCT Series: 1] Career decisions can be impacted by self-esteem, future time perspective, positive affect and social support. In recent study by Park, Kim, Kwon & Lee (2018) exploring career decision-making of 128 university students revealed the role positive affect (positive emotions & expressions) and self-esteem have on improving an individual’s career decision belief in self (self-efficacy) and reducing career choice anxiety. A lack of self-esteem or heightened career choice anxiety can prevent someone in their pursuit of a desired career. This study sheds light on the value of daily self-reflection on improving one’s sense of self and future aspirations.

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We’re excited to welcome you to a free Sample Training Class where you’ll get to experience what a CTEDU training session is like.

In this 1.5 hour live, interactive class session, the trainer will dive into several life coaching tools and allow time for you to engage in a genuine coach training experience. Please find a list of times/dates in the link below.

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