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The way people learn, build relationships and teach is changing. An Academic life coach certification will put you at the forefront of the Academic field by providing you with the tools you’ll need to lead this change, wherever in Academia you find yourself. 

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Academic Life Coach Training

If you’re dedicated to improving the student experience, helping students develop the soft skills to build meaningful relationships and really make an impact, Academic Life Coaching is for you.

Academic Life Coaching specializes in training people to work with middle, high school, and college students. Each certified Academic Life Coach is trained to offer students the 10 session Academic Life Coaching program.

The training is for individuals, teams, and organizations who want to add a complete coaching skillset to empower students and young adults with the insights needed to lead impactful lives.​

Our Training program has been proven to help improve retention rates at Universities.

 In an effort to boost student engagement and retention, the University of Oklahoma has sent more than 60 academic advisors, professors, and administrator through CTEDU’s coach training programs. By bringing in accredited life coach training into student outreach and support programs, OU has increased freshman to sophomore retention by more than 8% over the past three years. With the help of trained and certified academic life coaches, nearly 200 more students per year stay on course to graduate.

No more disconnect between you and your students. 

Build Meaningful Relationships.

CTEDU curriculum is rooted in positive psychology, deep listening and empathy. The foundation of academic coaching will ensure that you’re making the most of every conversation and really getting to know your students. 

No more cookie-cutter teaching methods.

Transform Education.

The paradigm between students and teachers is shifting. It’s no longer enough to talk at a classroom of students. You have to engage, listen deeply, and truly empathize so whoever you’re working with can get the most out of that lesson. CTEDU is ready to provide you with the tools to transform the learning experience. 

No more doubts about whether you’re making a difference.

Make an impact in someone's life.

The Academic Life Coach Training program will help you develop the skillset, and give you valuable coaching experience to transform lives. You’ll have the self-awareness to know when you’re needed and how.

Gold Standard
Life Coaching Training

“If you want to help people and serve them, I believe coaching is an unbelievable format to do that. You’re such a huge part of someone’s development in their lives.”

– Sam Moinet,

Coach Training EDU Graduate, London, UK

“If you want to help people and serve them, I believe coaching is an unbelievable format to do that. You’re such a huge part of someone’s development in their lives.”
Sam Moinet
Coach Training EDU Graduate

How Academic Life Coaching Training Works

1. Biweekly, Interactive Online Classes .
You’ll be placed in a cohort with other Academic Professionals and with an expert trainer to guide you for 24 weeks. You’ll meet biweekly to learn coaching best practices. 

2. Participate in Mentor Coaching

For 8 weeks you’ll improve your coaching skills working with a mentor coach.

3. Apply Coaching Concepts to your Career

Once you’ve completed the training program and mentor coaching you’ll have the coaching skills to apply to Academia. 

No more wondering if life coach training is really for you.

Start with a Complimentary Live Training Experience

Earn 2 FREE Hours of ICF Accredited Coach Training

The best way to learn about something is to experience it firsthand. Coach Training EDU offers weekly live training experiences.
If you’re curious about the life coach training experience, join us for a live, 2 hour live training experience and see the magic for yourself.

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Live Training Experience

We’re excited to invite you to a free live training experience where you’ll get a feel for a CTEDU training session!

In this 2 hour live, interactive experience, the trainer will dive into several life coaching tools and allow time for you to engage in a genuine coach training experience. Please find a list of times/dates in the link below.