A Perspective on Racism, Humanity, and Coaching from One African American Life Coach

CTEDU Coach Toni Holloway, MA, and CTEDU Co-Founder John Andrew Williams have an impromptu and poignant conversation. As a life coach and an African American woman, Toni Holloway offers her point-of-view on racism, humanity, and whiteness in the context of being a coach. John guides the conversation and Toni shares her honest perspective and reflections on these topics in the space of a very heightened and emotional moment in time.

About Toni:

Toni Holloway, MA is an Accountability and Life Coach because she is passionate about developing others and guiding people to achieve their commitments. Toni’s coaching is designed to hold you accountable for your promises, perform better, inspire authentic confidence, and explore how integrity can be used as a tool to achieve your individual aims.


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Toni Holloway, MA
(fb) @defythepredictable


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