A Creator’s Journey Workshop with Jasmine Raskas

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with CTEDU Graduate and Artist Jasmine Raskas for a live webinar around Jasmine’s journey as an artist and as a coach.

We’re so excited to be able to offer a live, interactive workshop this Wednesday, April 22nd at 11am PST hosted by Jasmine!

Learn more about our workshop with Jasmine Raskas:

Start to define “success” in terms that matter to you. The Creator’s Journey, inspired by Joseph Campbell’s mono-myth, is a map that outlines the process for transforming ideas into realized outcomes. This tool is designed to be used in long term strategic planning at the level of an individual. Whether it be building something literal like a house, crafting a novel, or designing something metaphysical such as a change in lifestyle, this map will help you connect to the deeper purpose of what you’re building. Leave this workshop with a greater understanding of your future potential and more clarity in your next action step.

You can register for this workshop here.

Watch the replay of Jasmine’s webinar with John Andrew Williams here. 

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