2020 | Year in Review

It has been a rollercoaster of a year! Despite the hardships this year, many great things happened that are worth celebrating. People from around the globe discovered new ways to make a difference and live with purpose. At CTEDU, we were inspired to find new ways to further engage with our community and took action to make the world a better place. This year showed us exactly what great outcomes come from resilience.

CTEDU is taking the time to celebrate the leaders who set the strong foundation for their career with life coach training. We’re celebrating their achievements and some of ours.

Trained Over 200 Coaches

We’re so proud of the 234 coaches who completed CTEDU’s training programs. These coaches from around the world came together to develop the skill set and gain the tools necessary to make impactful change. Each and everyone of these leaders are coaching for a cause that matters to them and  making a difference in their communities. We’re inspired by everything they’ve accomplished and grateful they chose CTEDU to be a part of their life coaching journey.

Offered Overviews for the first time in Spanish & Arabic

To better connect our global community, we began offering Coach Client Overviews, an essential part of the CTEDU training program, in Spanish and Arabic. Overviews offer coaches in training the opportunity for 1-on-1 mentorship, to get personalized feedback from an expert trainer and to advance their coaching skill set. We’re grateful for our trainers for leading this effort to support our global community.

Launched The Coaching to Flourish podcast

When the pandemic hit, we were all overwhelmed by our new way of life. Quarantine opened a lot of avenues for loneliness, isolation and disconnect. To combat this we began the Coaching to Flourish interview series connecting with our community and sharing their stories. Stories of resilience, hope and inspiration can be found on our blog and YouTube. Thanks to the Internet, even if we can’t physically be near each other there’s always an opportunity for connection. 

Here’s one of our Coaching to Flourish interviews with Joyce and Peter Tran, whose resilience has led them to break barriers in education and how community is cultivated.

Took a Stand for Social Justice

Fighting for social justice is in CTEDU’s DNA. In the midst of blatant racism, social injustice and police brutality, we were outraged by the injustices the Black community faces. We were also in awe at the global sense of comradery. People from all over the world came together to demand justice and launched a global movement for justice. CTEDU took a stand to commit to anti-racism, stand in solidarity with the Black community and bring more justice into this world. However, we recognize that this isn’t enough. We’re making changes and working towards initiatives that will ensure we’re diverse, inclusive and equitable. One of the first steps we took is creating our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement.

Cheers to the many opportunities for the new year!

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