Crafting the Uncreated

The word analysis comes from the ancient Greek word meaning to break apart or to dissolve. Literally analysis is to break apart something for the sake of understanding it on a deeper level. When [...]

It’s Because They are Grateful

We all know some people who seem to have everything, yet they aren’t happy. And we all know people who seem to have very little, yet they are immensely happy. And when you ask yourself why is the [...]

Positive Relationships

Human beings are social creatures. Of all the species on the planet, none work in such coordinated cooperation as people. Even selfless ants don’t work together in the myriad ways that humans do [...]

The Magic of Personal Growth

Personal growth heals. It heals you. It heals your problems. It transports you to a place beyond the original setback, where the challenge itself dissolves and the benefit you experience far [...]

Autonomy and Environmental Control

Of Carol Ryff’s six elements comprising psychological well-being (the other four being: self-acceptance, positive relationships, autonomy, purpose in life, and personal growth) none point to the [...]

The Purpose of Life

As a life coach who has coached, as well as listened to, over 6000 hours of coaching, I’ve heard a lot. From meaningful insights to intense pain and breakthroughs. I’ve heard people articulate [...]

Subjective Well Being Vs. PERMA

[009 Research Review | PERMA series: 4] Which theory explains how people function most accurately? And, if the earlier well-being theories have been successfully tested and refined empirically [...]

Well-Being and Being-Well

Carol Ryff in 1989 undertook the challenge of crafting a theory of psychological well-being. She arrived at six different elements: self-acceptance, positive relationships, autonomy, [...]

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