Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, Coach Training EDU community, for an amazing 2019 and a golden opportunity to make 2020 our best year yet. Thank you to our HQ staff, who work with creativity, consistency, and [...]

Measuring Gratitude

The crafting of a measure for gratitude revealed a few keys insights. Frequency is the most commonly considered aspect of gratitude with intensity a close second. The remaining aspects are [...]

Grateful Even for the Challenge

I have a thought-emotion experiment for you to try. Imagine something challenging. It can be something in the past or something happening now or in the near future. Then shift, for only a minute [...]

The Spark of Gratitude

Some theorist place gratitude as one of the core moral emotion. It has a power to shape society in the same ways that empathy, sympathy, guilt, fear, and shame do. The more one feels gratitude, [...]

Character Strengths and Virtues

[008 Research Review | GRATITUDE series: 1] The beauty of the design of counter balanced systems in the human body is worthy of awe and wonder. This post explores the chapter of gratitude in [...]

The Value of an Insight

In the process of researching so much about positive psychology, certain pattens from the past start to make so much sense. Ideas such as growth mindset, broaden and build, and the experience of [...]

The Magic of Balance

In many positive psychology studies on self-theories, having a fixed mindset is definitely the less desirable of the two options. Growth mindset gets all the glory. However, too much growth [...]

When You Empower Your Critical Self

Our critical selves are often hardest on ourselves. The inner critic doles out harsh judgments to keep us safe and protected. In an ironic twist, the inner critic deep down cares most about what [...]

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