The Unexpected Disappointment From Unexpected Obstacles is to be Expected

The main challenge of any ambitious project is the unexpected disappointment from unexpected obstacles. The doom and gloom of setbacks can be surprisingly morose. Yet an antidote is always readily available. and indeed required for any entrepreneur or anyone shaking up an organization with coaching concepts. It’s cultivating a sense of up-leveled gratitude to meet the challenge and get to the next vista point. How do you cultivate your up-leveled gratitude?

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, Coach Training EDU community, for an amazing 2019 and a golden opportunity to make 2020 our best year yet. Thank you to our HQ staff, who work with creativity, consistency, and dedication to the mission and the company. Thank you to our fantastic trainers who deliver courses with passion and precision. And thank you to the schools, organizations, and participants who are choosing to become trained and certified life coaches. What do you notice when you fill the room with appreciation and take a deep breath?

Measuring Gratitude

The crafting of a measure for gratitude revealed a few keys insights. Frequency is the most commonly considered aspect of gratitude with intensity a close second. The remaining aspects are density, the number of people you thank for any given blessing, and span, the width of your life that you feel grateful. Taking all four aspects together, you suddenly have a sophisticated structure to measure the quality and nature of gratitude.

The Spark of Gratitude

Some theorist place gratitude as one of the core moral emotion. It has a power to shape society in the same ways that empathy, sympathy, guilt, fear, and shame do. The more one feels gratitude, the more one is likely to do something that makes someone else feel grateful. It has a forward-feeding cycle that once sparked, creates positive ripple effects.

What helps your spark gratitude?

The Magic of Balance

In many positive psychology studies on self-theories, having a fixed mindset is definitely the less desirable of the two options. Growth mindset gets all the glory. However, too much growth mindset without ever shifting into a performance zone, leads to a path of inaction, hesitancy, and endless preparation.

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