The New versus the Routine.

After living on the road for so long, we’ve acclimated to spending a large chunk of time planning the next phase of the trip. From where we were going to stay, to whom we were going to see, [...]

It’s Only a First Draft.

On this journey of visiting new places every two to three weeks, we’ve developed a few guidelines. One of the guidelines is to consider the first time visit a first draft. If it’s great, that’s [...]

How Will a Year Change You?

My wife Amois and I talked a lot about how this year-long, cross-country trip would change us. We imagined how different and wiser we’d be when we finally returned back to Oregon. [...]

When the Landing Gear is Out.

The landing gear is out. I’m not sure I’m ready for the homestretch, that last bit of the race when I can see the finish line. I’m noticing the little things that I truly enjoy about this phase [...]

The Next Step.

When setting out on a journey, especially the entrepreneurship journey, there’s a temptation to have each next step laid out in perfect clarity. But it’s a trap that leads to [...]

Similarities versus Differences

An important tool in life coaching is making distinctions. What’s the difference between success and fulfillment? What’s the different between attention and focus? Much of the time we focus on [...]

The Rule of 9

I took a standup comedy course led by Alex Falcone, a Portland-based comedian. He had a rule: out of every nine jokes you come up with, 8 will be bad. You have to bust through those 8 jokes to [...]

Origin of Failure

The word failure comes from an old French word meaning non-occurrence. It’s surprisingly close to the Latin word for failure deficere, which shares the same root as the word perfect. The prefix [...]

It’s All About Recovery.

The point isn’t trying to be perfect. Tough challenges come up, and positive streaks get broken. The trap is judging oneself too harshly and giving up on the project. Coaching points out another [...]

You’re on speakerphone.

“She hasn’t seen this movie yet.” “The baby is sleeping.” It’s good to get a heads up so you don’t say something to disturb the situation. A quick piece [...]


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