Can You Teach Willpower?

Willpower is a near mythical, elusive yet potent force enabling the wielder to push through the pain and setbacks to accomplish the goal. It’s a prized resource. The famous marshmallow test looks at how testing willpower in young children can predict future success on...

How Quickly Can You Isolate the Key Ingredient?

The challenge of the entrepreneur is isolating the key action or ingredient that helps your success. So often when people embark on a path or profession and personal growth, the five or six different actions get added to the schedule at once, or you might make a bunch...

What’s the Leap You’re Waiting to Make?

Doing work with no clear prize on the other end, and taking the risk that your work might be a waste of time is stressful. Yet that leap is exactly where you at your best create value. Taking the risk and leaping into the unknown is in itself an act of courage to be...

Do It Bad.

We’ve all heard “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” The calculus changes, however, if it’s really, really worth doing. If it’s really worth doing, it’s worth doing bad. Doing it well puts so much pressure to get it right, while just doing it...

What’s Your Excuse to Success Ratio?

Everyone has an excuse/success ratio whether or not we like it. Things come up. Progress is stymied; goals get watered down. Yet human nature tends to bounce back. What’s your ratio between pointing to excuses and doing the hard work of taking the next, maybe scary,...
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