How do you want your Saturday to go?

We all love a good weekend. Everyone wishes everyone else great weekends on Friday and asks about them on Mondays. Most people would say that their best life is lives on the weekends. Imagine the characteristics of your best weekends, the balance between planning,...

When to Bring Yourself?

When we start as life coaches, we think the best ideas come from the coach. When we begin to get more life coaching experience, we learn the best ideas come from the client. When we have been life coaches for years, we know that the best ideas come from the...

What’s on Your ‘Stop Doing’ List?

When thinking about getting to the next level, so much of an entrepreneur’s thinking goes to asking what more can she or he do. Asking what else I can add is useful, but it has its limits and eventually reaches a place of overwhelm. The shift to being successful...

How Can I Give More?

Starting a new business naturally produces a pressure that focuses the entrepreneur on the bottom-line. Assessing the cash inflow versus outflow can overwhelm and tends to prompt coaches to question whether or not a speciality is going to work out or whether people...

Rainmaker, Mechanic, or Administrator?

Being a successful entrepreneur requires all three, which makes being successful in launching a business super challenging. The Rainmakers thrive in marketing and sales. Mechanics love getting under the hood and doing work. Administrators get a certain joy from making...
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