The 2 Kinds of Learning

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere (1)The difference between academic and personal learning is stark and important for educators and coaches to understand.

Questions asked in academic learning:

  • Can you solve the quadratic equation?
  • Can you write a summary that captures the key elements of Romeo and Juliet?
  • Can you write a three page paper on the rise and fall the Roman Empire?

Questions asked in personal learning:

  • What is your worldview?
  • What’s feedback to others have of you?
  • When are you most compelling?
  • What helps you be resilient and recover from setbacks?
  • What is it you’re most after your life you want to achieve?
  • What makes your soul sing with joy?

The challenge is that schools tend to focus more on the first set of questions, even though they know the importance of the second set.

To see why, check out the full article on the Academic Life Coaching blog, here.


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